We help people in companies become more bad-ass and persuasive by levelling up their talent as spoken communicators!

We are on a mission to help businesses unlock the full potential of every individual in your company by building influencers, giving everyone equal volume and unlocking the genius’.

All the world’s a stage, learn to perform in it. The ability to communicate is the killer skill that’s a massive level-up for everyone no matter their personality type, experience or position.

We run leadership and team programs, help build specific presentations, prepare peeps for events, work on individual speaker needs and coach one-on-one.


Workshops and programs

We have a set of workshops and programs that help teams go from idea to audience. They’re intense but crazy fun and rewarding.

We sometimes do these one-off for clients and sometimes we integrate into wellness and training programs. We all the time engage with collaboration to help you achieve legit outcomes that stick.


…is all about peeps who want to up their game at creating persuasive content and sharing it in front of each other and audiences. We find that we are often asked to run the Speak-a-licious program for team offsites, pre-conference prep that sort of thing.

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…every origin story of almost every successful movie, book, business, start up or corporate initiative has one constant… The Pitch.

Pitch-a-licious is a class in persuasion, high impact, reputation building and moving business forward with the best ideas.

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The Co-Creator

In life and in business, shared experiences are what forges deeper connection. Lead an engagement, establish credibility, organise ideas to consensus and to move forward TOGETHER. That’s the mark of a great collaborator, leader and trusted partner. Be one.

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Leadership and coaching

You represent the company. An entrusted ambassador. To industry, your team or the media… you deliver how you want the company to be seen. This is a huge responsibility and we help you do this as best and as authentic as you can.

Often, we’re engaged by senior leadership to help with leadership programs, prep for conferences and keynotes, improve internal perception of the leadership team, pitching or building a high profile talk from scratch and coaching on its delivery.

Basically, this is the BFF experience.

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Speaking at events

Michael is on a mission to help businesses unlock the full potential of every individual in your company by building influencers, giving everyone equal volume and unlocking the genius’.

Learn more about what he can offer you for your next conference or event.

speaker pack

kick-ass workshops that break a sweat

“I know no other speaker who can evoke fresh thinking and brilliant energy around ideas or complex topics as Michael. He is equal parts educator and entertainer.”

Sarah VaughanDirector Microsoft Australia

“Michael is my go-to speaker when I need a clever, fun and funny presentation. He is always the star of the show. He is also extremely easy to work with, and always knows exactly how to craft the perfect presentation for the circumstances.”

Stephen LeadIgnite Sydney

“Fast-paced, mind-expanding, fun and engaging. From nervous speakers to polished execs, this fresh thinking workshop concentrates on an individuals personal style, rather than a one-size fits all ‘corporate robot’ approach. Highly recommend. ”

Marie-Claire MapleDirector, Ogilvy Australia

“Michael brings depth of experience and understanding to really bring the best out of our team. The workshop was fun, theatrical and impactful. Michael is a true nerd. An awesome program for any team.”

Luke DohertyDirector, Technology Infrastructure & Customer Service - Asia, Middle East & Africa, Intercontinental Hotels Group

“A workshop with feeling”

Mark CohenCTO, Domain.com.au

“This was one of the most enjoyable workshops we’ve arranged for the Vibrato team and that I’ve ever attended. Heaps of laughter, collaboration and fun. Most importantly, each and every team member managed to take the learnings into their roles the next day!”

Peter GattCEO, Vibrato

“Michael always hits the notes, his workshops are spot on intelligent, engaging and the content is always diverse and culturally relevant to the audience.”

Tida TippapartHatchery Program Manager, UTS

“Michael understands audiences and public speaking. He is the benchmark on how to take an audience on a journey.”

James OliverDigital Learning Manager, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

“Michael is the CEO of awesome.”

Ric HollandGlobal Partner, Wacom

“The is the secret sauce for killer presentations”

Nicholas EllerySenior Marketing Manager, Gumtree Australia

“He can command a room or a conference hall which is unusual for someone with such nerd cred.”

Ashley RingroseFounder, Soap Creative

“Working with him you are constantly inspired, educated, provoked and entertained.”

Shane MorrisAutomatic Studio

“Rarely have I seen someone deliver with such passion and energy. This guy is inspiring and something special.”

Matt CrabtreeCorporate Facilitator, Coach and Consultant

“Michael Kordahi is a brilliant, passionate, creative thinker. A superb human being”

Jason SilvaTelevision Personality and Filmmaker

“It is inspiring to me when I collide with a kindred spirit and effortlessly begin creating. Focused, vibrant and brave. My friend Michael Kordahi in three words.”

Darren PercivalSinger and Entertainer

“Michael has the uncanny ability of turning good speakers into great speakers, and great ones into legends.”

Vaughan KnightPrincipal Engineering Manager, Microsoft Australia

“Michael is an inspiration to work with. He leads by example and his relentless pursuit of awesome is infectious.”

Amelia WakemanExecutive Producer

“This is learning from the best”

Karo EsmailHead of Partner Marketing APJ at Citrix

Our guiding philosophy…

learn by doing

Be prepared to bust a sweat. Everything we do is super interactive and fun.

Our coaching and workshops are based on legit experience and evidence. Science says that the best way to learn and retain what you’ve learnt is to do.

tools not rules

What makes you unique is what makes you an interesting speaker. Because of that, our other key principle is that rules are for fools.

We reckon loading you up with things you must do, kinda sucks and makes you anxious – not particularly helpful.

Fear not though, we care about giving you tools to create your best content and find the best you, boo.

equity of voice

We believe that all voices should have the opportunity to have equal volume.

That so much goodness sits in the minds of those who lack speaking confidence as much as those who love to rock an open mic.

Michael Kordahi

Michael adults by coaching and training leaders in companies to help them become better speakers, storytellers and influencers.

He thrives by finding the most creativ’est, fun’est and easiest way to be impactful with words and then teaching others about it.

His company is sumoninjamonkey.com and he works for a long list of very impressive big clients.

Also, total and proud engineering nerd and former Microsoft executive who can occasionally be found referring to himself in the third person and making words up to suit is bio.

Equal parts Frasier and Niles.

More Michael here.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and we love to travel.

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