Michael Kordahi Bio

Michael is the founder of Sumo Nina Monkey.

He is a mildly recognisable but kinda fantastic nonconformist who likes to find the most creativest, funnest and easiest way to get things done. Professionally he is speaker, educator, mentor and generally noisy person.

Occasionally, he is serious and professional and managed to have an adult corporate career in corporate leadership corporat’ing at big corporates like Microsoft, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank. He eventually found it all a bit lewd, lascivious, salacious and outrageous. Except for the time he spent on stage. Which was a lot!

So, he gave up his adult job and is now spends his days devoted to coaching and training others to become better speakers, storytellers and influencers.

Also, total and proud nerd who can occasionally be found referring to himself in the third person and making words up to suit is bio.

Michael in action

Workshops in action