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ABN 92867411624
Sumo Ninja Monkey (Michael Kordahi)
c/o WeWork, 1 Sussex Street
Barangaroo, Sydney, NSW 2000

Our terms of service are simple and straight forward:

1. Invoicing and Payment

1.1. We will invoice once we have locked in an agreed date.
1.2. Our terms are 14 days from date of invoice issue unless otherwise noted in the invoice (usually when the event date is prior to 14 days from invoice)
1.3. Once invoice is paid, this guarantees the agreed date.
1.4. Invoice will include 10% GST unless you are in a country other than Australia.
1.5. Invoice to be paid prior commencing our engagement.

2. Cancellation and Postponement

2.1. We will have an agreed date at time of invoice payment.
2.2. If there are events beyond either of our control, moving the date is possible. We’re all friends with good intent.
2.3. If the client moves the date within 30 days of the workshop, a 20% surcharge may be incurred. 1:1 coaching dates are exempt.
2.4. If the client moves the date and it incurs additional cost for Sumo Ninja Monkey (eg flights and accommodation change costs), this additional cost will be invoiced to the client.
2.5. If Sumo Ninja Monkey needs a date moved for reasons beyond our control, no charge of date charge will be incurred by the client.
2.6. Any additional costs and surcharges are subject to the terms in clause 1. Invoicing and Payment.

3. Travel

3.1. We are based in Sydney.
3.2. If travel is required, we will agree on travel costs and they will be included in the standard invoice.

4. IP and confidentiality

4.1. The Sumo Ninja Monkey brand and workshop/training  content is the IP of Sumo Ninja Monkey.
4.2. It has been built from over a decade of experience and research.
4.3. Reusing the brand and IP for profit is not allowed and it especially makes you a bad person.
4.4. Recordings of sessions can be made with prior agreement of Sumo Ninja Monkey and you, the client. However any recording can only be used internally and can not be published outside of your organisation.
4.5. Confidentiality you – Sumo Ninja Monkey assumes all of your company information is confidential and won’t be shared or discussed outside the scope of our engagement without your prior consent.
4.6. Confidentiality us – Similarly, Sumo Ninja Monkey content and trade information is to be held confidential unless you receive explicit consent from us.

5. Liability

5.1. The advice Sumo Ninja Monkey gives is at the discretion of the client to take and execute; therefore Sumo Ninja Monkey shall not be liable for any direct loss or damage suffered by the client howsoever caused
5.2. Basically, training services is s a personal thing, and you are responsible for what you are comfortable with taking on.

(v1.0.10 – 3 December, 2019)