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Every origin story of almost every successful movie, book, business, start up or corporate initiative has one constant… The Pitch.

Everything of impact, whether big or small, started with someone convincing someone else of an idea and having them motivated to come on the journey, commit funds or become an advocate of the mission.

Some are simple, legend has it that when Ivan Reitman went in to Universal Studios to pitch the now classic comedy Twins, he simply said “Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito… Twins” and immediately won over executives who ended up investing $15M to get it made, the rest is history.

And some pitches are long and complex. It took years of lobbying for J.K. Rowling to get the first Harry Potter published, she went on to become the first billionaire author.

All successful ideas or initiatives in all companies exist because of people with refined and practised pitching skills.

There are life long skills and fundamentals that you can learn to make you more effective at motivating others around you to help great ideas rise to the top.

Also consider that most of the great ideas inside of a company likely sit in the genius minds of those who may not have the skills to communicate them. Let’s unlock those minds and release their potential!

The PITCH-A-LICIOUS workshop is designed to help everyone in an organisation become better at sharing ideas, telling stories, cultivating credibility and preparing/structuring an elevator encounter to a sit down formal idea session.

Give everyone the power of persuasion through pitch.

PITCH-A-LICIOUS is a sibling to our SPEAK-A-LICIOUS program.

Our guiding philosophy…


From the moment you rock up, you won’t be offered a seat, you will be up, doing, learning and… umm… speaking. This is by far the best way to retain what you’ve learned from the time we spend together.

Be prepared to bust a sweat. Everything we do is super interactive and fun but based on legit, proven, science and outcomes.


What makes you unique is what makes you an interesting speaker.

We reckon loading you up with things you must do, kinda sucks and makes you anxious – not particularly helpful.

Fear not though, we care about giving you tools to create your best content and find the best you, boo.


We believe that all voices should have the opportunity to have equal volume. That so much goodness sits in the minds of those who lack speaking confidence as much as those who love to rock an open mic. INSIDE EVERYONE IS A GENIUS IDEA that’s worth sharing.

… and these are the principles that have informed the workshops.

That’s it really!


Our mission is to help make better speakers, storytellers and influencers. We are big believers that inside every individual are great ideas. And that the ability to communicate and inspire around those ideas is a KILLER SKILL THAT SHOULD BE HELD BY EVERYONE, not just those noisy and confident extrovert types.

Sumo Ninja Monkey is founded and run by Michael Kordahi. He has a long and super fancy history as a public speaker and communicator.

Having spent most of his career in the spotlight, over the past decade, he has turned his focus to helping others be successful, more bad-ass, spoken communicators.

More deets over at… SUMONINJAMONKEY.COM

this is what they kinda-sorta look like