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Leadership programs

Our workshops are great for teams. But sometimes, something custom and tailor made is required.

So we’ve developed a set of leadership programs… which is fancy speak for, we can custom build a program for specific purposes.

A typical engagement looks something like this (very professional looking :), man we miss old school emoticons without silly pictures, but we digress…) three part process…


Let’s get all kumbaya and meet stakeholders. Figure out what everyone needs.


We’ll collectively determine outcomes and requirements and build a program.


Put the program in action.


And sometimes, you just want super intimate TLC.

We coach peeps towards specific goals.

Sometimes, it’s a leader or two who have very specific things that they need to work on…

  • Building and preparing for a specific presentation
  • Persuasion and influence
  • Create messaging and persona that gets the entire team on board
  • Levelling up their general spoken confidence
  • Levelling up their general confidence
  • Improving messaging sticky-ness
  • Helping build your teams confidence in you
  • Keynote preparation
  • Rehearsals

The list can go on for a while, the reasons we get asked to do one-on-one coaching are many and varied, hit us up, and let’s work out if we can help.

Sumo ninja who now?

Our mission is to help make better speakers, storytellers and influencers. We are big believers that inside every individual are great ideas. And that the ability to communicate and inspire around those ideas is a KILLER SKILL THAT SHOULD BE HELD BY EVERYONE, not just those noisy and confident extrovert types.

Sumo Ninja Monkey is founded and run by Michael Kordahi. He has a long and super fancy history as a public speaker and communicator.

Having spent most of his career in the spotlight, over the past decade, he has turned his focus to helping others be successful, more bad-ass, spoken communicators.

More deets over at… SUMONINJAMONKEY.COM